Living Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating a house isn’t as easy as we think it to be. From spending hours deciding the theme for different rooms to skimming the local fleet market and online stores to picking designer decorative pieces without feeling looted, it is a lot that goes into it. Of all the rooms, we feel that it’s the living room that takes up most of your energy. You probably know this too that the living room is the most crucial part of your house because you have the pressure to make it warm, welcoming, and yet chic for the guests.

You may have come across a lot of information on how to design your living room, but today we are here to point of certain common errors that people make while deciding the layout of the living room, making it less attractive. Let’s read those mistakes and understand how to avoid them. 

1. Making it Ultra Symmetric – As much that we like symmetrical furniture in the living room for an orderly look, it makes it very boring. It is good to shake things up sometimes. Instead of bringing in furniture with the same shape, try to mix and match to give your space an eclectic look. A combination of different shapes and sizes of furniture in the living room will make it more lively.

2. Pushing The Furniture to the Wall –  We notice a lot of people who push their furniture like an l shaped sofa to the wall, in the anticipation to make the room look spacious, but in reality, it looks far from appealing. The solution to this is to center the furniture, while it is ok to leave the book shelf to the wall, but let other furniture pieces like sofa set, coffee table come together to give your room a cozy look.

3. Making TV the Focal Point – Most of us place the sofa squarely opposite the TV unit, this is a big mistake. It’s best to keep the TV off-center so that it doesn’t take away the focus from the rest of the important pieces of furniture in the room.

4. Single Seating Area-  A room with just a sofa set and center table looks bare, it’s like having only one single seating for guests and hosts in the living room. A room looks better when there are multiple seating options. You can add an armchair, and a couple of puffy poufs to create more seating space for all.

  1. Everything is Matching – I know how important it must be for you to match that love seat with the sofa set, we are sorry to break your illusion, this is an absolute faux pas in the world of interiors. The latest trend is to experiment with different color, textured furnishing to create a unique look. If you already have the matching furniture in place, why don’t you look at throwing in contrasting pillows? And if your budget warrants get your sofa fabric changed for a refreshing look.

Apart from the above things, pay attention to the lighting of the room, it plays a crucial role in making or breaking the look of the room.


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