How to use traditional South-Indian Aesthetics for your Modern House

There is something very charming about traditional South-Indian home aesthetics. They can bring out your roots and culture in a spiritual way. Most South-Indian homes of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka use traditional ways of home decor infusing natural and ornamental items. Modern homes in cities cannot use all these elements. However, there are certain ways that you can use South-Indian home aesthetics to bring positive vibes in your modern house.

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Ornamental doors and pillars

South-Indian homes welcome their guests with beautifully carved, ornamental doors. They can be made of wood or metal and they are very elegant to look at. The carvings are filled with details and they depict the spirituality and grandeur of traditions. These doors can definitely make a great first impression on anyone who visits your home.

The use of pillars is also very popular in South-Indian. Using rock or wooden pillars in specific areas can give an impressive vibe. Pillars denote a better sense of support and structure in the house. It also adds a vibe of elegance to common spaces.

Brass uruli and lamps

South Indian households have some excellent home decor items like brass uruli and lamps. The uruli is made out of an inverted metal bell and can be used as a centerpiece in your halls. If your apartment doesn’t have a lot of space- you can also place it in a dedicated corner of the living room. The uruli is filled with water, flowers, and even floating candles on special occasions. It fills up your home with a refreshing vibe.

Brass lamps are lighted every day for a positive vibe in South-Indian homes. You may use standing lamps or hanging lamps for areas dedicated to prayer, at the entrance or around the living room. You may also use lamps that have automatic lights that can be switched on and off according to usage.

Hand-painted tiles

Tiles are the most simplistic way to add an old-world charm to your house. Hand-painted tiles are commonly used for corridors or terraces in South Indian homes. A variety of patterns and designs can be used that give an artistic vibe to your home. Materials like terracotta have various benefits. They maintain the temperature of the house and give a unique earthy texture to your flooring.

Fabrics and handicrafts

We are aware of how every state has a unique culture. The fabrics and handicraft items represent the culture and tradition of the states. You can use the South-Indian fabrics and prints on items like curtains and upholstery items. The light cotton fabrics and silk weave come in beautiful patterns and give a rich sense of texture to your home. These textiles are also made of high-quality materials with unique properties and elements. Using them in home decor items can greatly add to create an excellent South-Indian aesthetic that is spiritually uplifting.

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Adding a taste of culture and tradition to your modern homes can give it a soothing and comforting essence. These South-Indian aesthetics add to the sensory of your home, making it more endearing and visually enhanced. Try them out and refresh your home.



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