All You Need To Know About the Medical Coverage In Travel Insurance

All You Need To Know About the Medical Coverage In Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of general insurance policy that covers travellers against unforeseen incidents, mostly while abroad. Travelling is quite fun, many will agree. However, it is also an experience that leaves one vulnerable to health issues. From sicknesses to accidental injuries and unplanned hospitalisation, there are many risks that affect even the most careful of travellers. Therefore, a travel insurance policy that provides solid medical coverage in such situations is necessary. In this article, we give you the lowdown on what you can expect from the medical coverage of a travel insurance policy. 

  1. Emergency hospitalization

When travelling, one has a limited budget. Even though some funds are kept aside for unexpected scenarios, they may not be enough in certain situations. For instance, think of a situation in which the traveller has to be admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis. It may due to an intense case of jetlag or due to consuming unfamiliar food or drinks.  In many countries, especially in Europe and North America, the costs for hospitalization may run quite high. 

Travel insurance providers are aware of the costs involved in such a scenario and provide coverage accordingly. The best part about hospitalization coverage is that many insurers provide cashless services. This absolves you of the need to manage the claim process with the hospital authorities or the need to arrange large amounts of cash. 

  1. Emergency dental treatment 

Travel insurance policies also cover the finances to a great extent if the policyholder suffers dental injury. The treatment for such injuries can incur extremely high costs and may even lead to cessation of your trip if you are not prepared with a good travel insurance policy.  

  1. Personal accident coverage 

You may be very careful while travelling, but there is no telling when an accident will happen. It may be while driving a car or while crossing the road, as one is unfamiliar with the rules of a different country. It is important that you get due help and financial assistance in an event like this, especially if you are travelling alone. You can reach out to your insurer and they will help you deal with the financial cost of the treatment. Many insurers also cover medical evacuation. So, the cost of transporting you urgently to the nearest medical facility is also covered. 

  1. Daily hospitalization allowance 

When you are hospitalized, you may have to bear several miscellaneous expenses besides the treatment bills. For example, you may want to call your family or relatives back home to communicate your problems. Some travel insurance companies provide daily hospital allowance which can help you cover these miscellaneous costs. You can use this daily allowance to pay for an attendant service if you want to keep one. It is really helpful considering that you are in a foreign land with a limited access to your loved ones. 

Some travel insurance policies have a ‘compassionate visit’ clause where the policy covers the expenses of travel for a family member to the location where you are hospitalized. 

Do remember that the coverage mentioned here is available only for emergency situations. Any claims raised for planned hospitalisation or any kind of treatment decided earlier will not be considered. The coverage is also subject to the exclusions mentioned in the policy. Always read the wordings of any general insurance policy before you purchase it. 

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