Why Should You Choose A Wedding Stylist For Your Grand Wedding Event

Every wedding has a mood board that defines the bride & groom, it is the core idea of the entire wedding. However, it takes hours and hours of scrolling through Pinterest just to get a vague idea of what you want. A stylist will not only create that mood board that oozes ‘you’ but will also work their fingers to the bone just to make sure that everything is A-Okay.

Wedding Stylist or Wedding Planner?

The first step here would be to start by debunking an industry jargon. Even though the roles may overlap, a wedding stylist is very different from a planner. The job of a planner is limited to creating a systematic plan and managing the wedding shenanigans. However, a stylist’s job is to help you shop and coordinate your clothes and accessories in an aesthetically pleasing and creative manner, and in case of Styl Inc luxury and elegance goes without saying. In today’s day and age wedding stylists aren’t a luxury but a necessity.

Styl Inc Wedding Stylist in India
At Styl Inc we are the extra pair of hands, the sort you can trust to never miss a detail & the people who will make sure that no one takes-away-your-thunder not even the pressure of ‘the day’.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Stylist?

  1. Ideation to execution: Consider your wedding stylist as your best friend with impeccable taste and meticulous attention to the tiniest detail that one might overlook during the ideation period. Hence, it is always advisable to hire a stylist right at the beginning to avoid wasting time and cluttering your mind.
  2. Aesthetic: It is easy to drown yourself in ideas that are all over the internet, what is difficult is to find the ones that reflect your personality and relationship. A stylist indeed brings your vision to life.
  3. Experience: At Styl Inc we understand that your wedding day isn’t just ‘an event’ for you. You deserve the kind of days you have spent months or even years planning and dreaming of.
  4. D-Day stress: nothing is more stressful and anticlimactic than delays and unfinished deliveries on your wedding day. A stylist takes that pressure off of your plate and puts a mimosa in your hand instead. So you can sit back and relax knowing that things will be awe-inspiring.
  5. Best vendors: from clothes to jewelry, a stylist has ties with the best this industry has to offer. Buying things from your stylist’s trustworthy people will only save you money and time.
  6. Tailor made experience: When every couple is different, why should their weddings be an exact replication of each other? Styl Inc goes the extra mile to create your wedding day a reflection of your relationship. We make sure your ensembles are tailor made and personalised just for you.

best wedding stylist in India

How to Choose a Wedding Stylist?

Research, Research, Research. Explore your options. Bank on your friends and family for recommendations. Nevertheless, sit with your stylist and form a rapport with them to work comfortably and achieve the most astonishing results. The next step after saying “yes” should be saying yes to the right wedding stylist for yourself.

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