Right Taps Can Transform The Look of Your Kitchen

You must consider many things when selecting the taps for your kitchen. However, the main two things to consider are usability and style. You also have to think about the right shape and size of your taps. Plus, decide whether you want a tap for hot water, cold water or a combination tap.

Besides these basic considerations, there are several Blanco taps UK with extra functionality and style – from hot water faucets to taps with built-in water filters for drinking. So, you need to look around before making the buying decision.

The right tap transforms the overall look and functionality of your kitchen. Here are different ways a good quality kitchen tap can give a new life to your kitchen space:

1. Pure Delivery

Although boiling water taps and filter taps are good for easy functionality in a kitchen, various taps bring some shine to your cooking space. Some high-quality taps come with a high-performance water filter, carbonator and cooler. With such taps, all you need to do is move the lever to get finely filtered and sparkling water.

2. Double Duty

If you choose a low-level, single-lever mixer faucet offers two functions at the same time. It offers regular water flow with a proper handheld spray head. Made with durable stainless steel, such a flexible hose can expand up to 105 cm to make it a stylish and practical kitchen solution.

3. Better Water Control

Quality taps offer better water control when positioned in the right direction. The tall body of the tap can easily swivel around, which makes it ideal to fill contains, pots and a flexible, detachable hose extending downwards to avoid splashing.

Having modern aesthetics with industrial style, the premium quality taps make a strong design statement. This way, they also uplift the interior of a kitchen.

4. Slim Fitting

Some high-quality kitchen taps London, available in a slim design, are easier to fit on compact sink areas. These slim taps have modern yet classic aesthetics and also benefit from pull-out spray attachment and high-quality swivel. These taps are also integrated with the latest technology for monitoring water usage. Plus, the long life of these faucets helps in saving water and energy. Some of the latest features of modern kitchen taps are infrared mixers, which maintain regular water flow with hand movements. 

5. Trendy

Once known as a luxury item, boiling water taps are now considered an important piece of the kitchen. It uses less energy compared to the kettle, as it only boils water the needed and also is a great time saver. For instance, a good quality HydroTap offered filtered, chilled and boiling water, along with sparkling water. It also comes with a long-reach 120-degree spout and a child lock mechanism. Such high-quality taps also add a unique style statement to your kitchen interior.

6. Pure and Simple

The premium quality taps are known to boast a pure and simple design. Meanwhile, these faucets deliver a natural taste of refreshing water without any contamination. With a monobloc quarter-turn tap, you can easily convert the normal supply of naturally filtered water at a single touch.


With high functionality and visual aesthetics, modern taps can spruce up any kitchen space with minimal effort. All you need to do is choose the best-suited modern tap for your kitchen to ensure smooth operation and a better appearance of the interior.

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