How to fix Google Chrome not responding?

How to fix Google Chrome not responding?

It was developed by Google, the popular and acknowledged web browser called Chrome. This wonderful browser has introduced common yet exclusive features which have won millions of heart. Apart from that, by covering more than 60% of the market share, it has undeniably acquired a spotless position in the market. This appears to be a cross-platform browser which means there are different versions which could easily work on different computers, mobile devices, and operating system. But, this web browser is so extensive that the users often face difficulties in using its features, and so they get stuck and put up questions like why is Chrome not saving passwords? Here, in this blog, you are going to read about a common yet important issue that needs to be tackled. Go through this blog to find a proper solution.

Common reasons behind Google Chrome not responding

There could be many reasons behind the emergence of the issue. There could be issues emerging due to memory management problems, running a large number of tabs on an underpowered device which ultimately creates issues like memory leaks which ultimately destabilizes Chrome or Windows, or maybe both. Apart from that, even a broken extension or misbehaving web page simply leads to the emergence of the error which is not contained by the browser.

How can I troubleshoot Google Chrome not responding?

To fix this error, you are supposed to follow the steps that are given below:

At first, you must update the latest version of Chrome

  • First of all, you must go to the settings and then help and then move to Google Chrome.
  • You must perform the above steps to open a new tab that would display information about the installation of Google Chrome
  • Once it finds the updates, it will automatically update

Next, you must clear the cache and history

  • You are expected to delete the history and then do not forget to clear the cache as well

Make sure you do Reboot the device.

Before you proceed, rebooting the device resolves almost every problem. And so, it is better that you try to reboot your device as soon as possible.

Disabling the extension is important as well.

There are chances that extensions do create problematic situations for Chrome to work efficiently. And so, it is important to disable the extensions as they could be the origin of the problem.

Do not forget to clear the DNS Cache.

When it comes to the question of Chrome, DNS caches create a lot of trouble and have a severe impact on network connectivity. However, there are chances that due to DNS, something might get corrupt and so make sure you do clear it.

Check out the status of the Firewall.

Keep track of whether the Firewall is not blocking the Chrome. If you have changed any settings or have made any new changes, make sure it is not blocking Chrome.

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, one should also try to reset Chrome to default and reinstall Chrome which could be helpful in resolving this issue. Also, there are many issues associated with Google Chrome-like Chrome not working, or users also complain Google Chrome keeps crashing or how to clear Google Chrome cache. All of these issues could be easily fixed by manually implementing the steps. Check out this blog to clear your doubts immediately.

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