Tips For Selecting a Center For Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Center For Egg Donation and Surrogacy

When you contemplate becoming a parent via surrogacy, you will be expected to tackle many decisions. The first of which is whether to use a center for egg donation and surrogacy.

Working with an agency provides you with surrogacy “insurance.” This is a professional who will carefully select the surrogate, egg donor candidates, etc. They will guide you through every step of your journey. Perhaps the most significant advantage of working with an agency is that it enables you to focus on the journey’s emotional aspects. The agency handles the business side of the matter.

However, you must keep in mind not all agencies operate similarly. Consider the following for selecting the best center for egg donation and surrogacy:

History of The Agency

When evaluating a particular agency, examine the length of time the agency has been operating. How many cases do they deal with on average? How many babies were born through this agency?

A long history doesn’t necessarily mean they have good business practices, but it’s a sign of experience. Agencies in this field have experienced many different cases in this field, so they’ve likely seen most scenarios. Also, an established agency will have a track record with a community of peers. You can easily determine if the agency has faced any lawsuits.

Young agencies are a great option as well. They often offer a lower price point than more established agencies. In this type of scenario, you should pay attention to their promises, practices, etc. Ask whether the founder has surrogacy or other agency experience. You might find that although the agency has been around for a short time, the founder has plenty of surrogacy experience.

Time Frames

What are the time frames being offered by the agency? It’s essential to keep in mind that time frames are simply rough estimates. An agency cannot provide a one hundred percent guarantee on how long the matching process will take or whether the surrogate (with your preferred attributes) will be found immediately. Sometimes everything might go as planned, but a failure in the embryo transfer process might delay things a bit.

Be aware of agencies that provide sweeping promises. If some promises appear good to be true, they likely are!

Matching Standards

This is where one center for egg donation and surrogacy differs from the other. Inquire about the agency’s screening standards, screening processes and procedures and whether the surrogate undergoes a complete screening before matching. There are two types of screening: partial and full. In partial, a surrogate is cleared through most screenings except for medical. The candidate has completed an agency questionnaire, submitted medical and pregnancy records for review and passed a criminal background check. If the intended parents choose a partially screened surrogate, she must complete medical screening procedures.

A full screening will include the surrogate to complete the entire battery of tests required, i.e., physical, mental, background screening, etc. Her medical records have been reviewed and signed off by a doctor.


Before signing a contract with the surrogacy agency, know what they will offer you. A sound agency offers mental health, legal and support services. They will help you contact these professionals on your behalf. Some agencies only provide referrals, leaving you to arrange for the appointments and paying for professional services directly.


Cost is a major point to consider when looking at an agency. It would help if you asked about an agency’s fees upfront, including what’s covered (or not) and when they need to be paid.

Examine Multiple Agencies

When researching egg donor agencies, consider a handful. Choose one that feels right. Let your instincts be your guide. You might want to participate in a surrogacy conference and meet with several professionals directly.

Choosing the right center for egg donation and surrogacy is the key to ensure your parenthood wishes to come to fruition.

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