Why Epic EHR Is Your EHR of Choice for 2021

Epic EHR Software

About Epic EMR

Epic EMR is a software produced by Epic System Corporation. This software company has been around for quite a while and was founded in 1979 by Judith Faulkner. Their headquarters are located in Wisconsin and the company has been around for quite some time and thus has a wonderful idea of the market and in fact owns quite a bit of it too! With over 40 years of experience of providing medical related software to medical practices, the company has gained a formidable reputation! 

In this piece, we will be telling you about Epic EHR and why 40 years later it is still a wonderful choice for an EMR software for your medical practice. We will cover it all; from Epic’s features to Epic EMR demo. So keep on reading if you want to learn more about this software and whether or not it would be the right software choice for you! 

5 Features of Epic EMR 

Patient Portal to Encourage Patient Participation 

The first feature in this software that we want to talk about and that we definitely encourage you to check out during your Epic EMR demo is the patient portal feature. This feature allows you to significantly reduce the number of responsibilities on your shoulders in regards to managing your medical practice. The software allows patients to log in to their portal and schedule their own appointments, look at their own billing and much more. This relieves you of the administrative responsibilities you might have had on your shoulders otherwise! 

All in all, this is a wonderful feature in this software that helps make managing things much easier! 

Revenue Cycle Management Made Simple

The revenue cycle management feature in this software is another great feature that helps make your medical practice into a successful business as well. This feature allows you to look at the various transactions in your practice and helps you to predict your financial security in the future which is very important for any business. The software also looks at how you are spending and gives you financial advice and tips on how to optimize your finances so that you are more successful in terms of your finances. 

Interoperability for Better Collaboration 

If you are a small practice or just do not have enough resources to be a better clinician wherein you make diagnosis and treatment plans quickly then we can definitely help you! The software allows you to look at data and statistics, as well as tips from other users on the network so that you can make better clinical diagnosis and treatment plans because of the myriad of information available to you! This is another feature we recommend you check out in the Epic EMR demo since a lot of Epic EMR reviews talk about this feature so positively! 

Telehealth Services for No Interruptions 

If you are running a medical practice you might have noticed during the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of patients were canceling and afraid of coming into your practice however with Epic EHR’s telehealth feature all of this unpleasantness can be avoided! This feature allows you to schedule video conferencing calls with your patients so that you can see them virtually. You can use this feature to diagnose and treat patients from a safe distance and physical proximity is not an issue at all! This feature also allows patients who might not have had access to medical help due to their geographical location a chance to see experts in various areas of medicine! We highly recommend that you check this feature out in your Epic EMR demo

Artificial Intelligence to Ease you in

The feature in Epic EHR which will definitely real you in during your Epic EMR demo and even beyond that is the artificial intelligence feature which makes your transition to the software as smooth as possible. With this feature, the software studies your preferences when you use it and overtime makes recommendations based on what it knows you prefer. This feature allows you to be able to smoothly use the software without any hiccups and overtime makes use of the software so much easier as well! 

Should you Invest in Epic EMR?

There is no doubt that Epic EHR is a good medical software and can do wonderful for your medical practice. There are hundreds of Epic EMR reviews online singing praises for the software and how wonderful it is to use. However, we must give you advice for your practice in particular and because we do not know the specifics of your medical practice, we cannot do that! But we can give you the tools to make a decision for yourself. 

The first thing we advise you do is make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EHR software and then compare that list of features to the features available in Epic EHR. This will help you determine whether or not this software would cater to your needs. This will help you avoid employing a software in your practice that does not do what you would hope for it to do! 

Finally, we suggest asking the vendor for a demo of the software since seeing a software and its features in action is much different than just reading about those features. This will help you come to a sound conclusion about the software overall. We highly recommend asking for a Epic EMR demo for yourself so you can determine whether the software would be right for you. 

Hopefully, whatever decision you come to about Epic EHR will be the right decision for you! 

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