International SEO Strategy for Non-English Language Audience

International SEO Strategy

If you are serving in more than one country and your customers are speaking different languages, you should keep international SEO on your radar. By applying the best international SEO strategies, you can attract more traffic and you can also grow your global presence. With the help of international SEO, you will have to optimize the search presence of your website for the people of different countries who are speaking different languages. International SEO will send special signals to Google that you have special content for the people of a particular country. Here, we will discuss international SEO strategy for the non-English language audience.

International SEO Strategies:

Create Content in the Target Language:

If you want to get the attention of international users, you should create content in the target language. Creating content in the target language is the first step towards success. For example, if you are targeting a country where people are speaking the Persian language, you should create content in the Persian language. When you will share the Persian content, they will get more help from your website. In some cases, if you can’t share the Persian content on your main website, you can create a Persian language website. It is the best way to target the Persian speaking audience. No doubt, it is a time taking task. Anyhow, if you want to compete with other organizations, you will have to do it.

Its reason is that many organizations are following this strategy to target the international audience. In some cases, you will have to target an area where people are speaking different languages. Here, you can share news and guides in different languages. When you will share the information in the first language, you will get more chances to connect with valuable customers. You just need to translate the English material into another language. To find the best country to target the international content, you will have to identify a country that is generating more links and traffic to your website. You can also get a report about the languages of your audience from Google Analytics.

Create an International SEO-Friendly URL Structure:

The URL structure will tell Google about targeting the international audience. This is part of the geo-targeting. Some businessmen create a new website for each target country. On the other hand, some businessmen add the subdirectory structure to their existing websites. You can use one of these techniques based on your resources. To set up a subdirectory structure, you will have to create a new folder on your main website. You will have to label it with two letters of the country. For example, if you are targeting Spain, the subdirectory URL structure of your website will look like It is a simple and cost-effective method to target an international audience. You just require one domain to follow this strategy.

As a businessman, if you want to target various countries and keep the communication open for all the people, it is the best international SEO strategy for you. Some businessmen give preference to creating separate websites for all the targeted countries. For this reason, they have to buy the local country-code top-level domains. For example, if you want to operate a website in the UK, it will look like a After creating separate domains for all the countries, you can send a more powerful signal to the search engines. It will also show the dedication of a brand in a specific country. Anyhow, when you will have to do SEO for these separate websites, you will have to spend enough money.

Use Hreflang Tags:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, these are the small snippets of codes that you can use on your website to show the content in multiple languages. These tags will also provide help to the search engines to match the correct language with the searcher. For example, if a Spanish user is searching your website, he will see the Spanish content instead of English or Persian content. To show the preferable content to the users, Google considers lots of things. In these things, there comes terms, search history, location and setting of the users.

These hreflang tags will provide help to your website when it has to provide translation of the content in the subdirectories. The search engines can easily detect the content of a specific language on the page. Now, the main task of the hreflang tags is to prevent other versions of the same content to compete with each other in the search engines. If you are using separate domains for different countries, you don’t require hreflang tags. In this case, Google will gather the data from the ccTLDs of your website. You can also strengthen the location signal by using hreflang tags.

Provide Support to International SEO with More Signals:

When you will share the local content, it means that you are targeting the local areas. Therefore, local SEO signals will provide enough help to your business website. To get the local signals, you can follow various strategies. First, you should show your presence in the popular local media outlets. You should include links to show your presence. Secondly, you should display the prices in the local language. Thirdly, you should include the local data. In the local data, there comes the phone numbers and addresses of your offices. People in different countries are using different devices to get access to the internet. Therefore, you should also try to know the most popular devices in your targeted area.

After knowing the most popular devices in this area, you should make sure that the viewers can easily consume the data on these devices. This thing will last a positive impact on the international SEO of a website. It is also the best way to optimize the experience of the users. You should also consider the search engine preferences. No doubt, Google is the most popular search engine in the world because it is holding 92% of the market share. Anyhow, when you will target a specific country, this data will change. For example, if you are targeting China, 65% of the Chinese are using Baidu as the search engine. Therefore, you will have to optimize your website for the Baidu search engine.

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